PT Sudan Prima Coal is a coal trading company, established in 2011, and supported by professionals with over 55 years of experience.
Passion, hard work, knowledge and vast network are the strength that will build PT Sudan Prima Coal as a leader and trusted coal trading company in Asia.
We have established good cooperation with various mining companies in Indonesia and has an extensive network of buyers from Indonesia, China, India, Pakistan and other coal mining countries.
Our commitment is always to prioritize fairness and safety in transactions to create mutually beneficial long term relationship.


Become a leading international coal trading company with these priorities:
  1. Quality: We only provide the best products and services.
  2. Innovation: Continuously innovate for maximum efficiency in every opportunity.
  3. Value: We always strengthen our business prudently and cost effectively.
  4. Togetherness: Success is achieved through solid teamwork.
  5. Integrity: Creating a trust that immovable by personal approach to staff, customers, society and environment.
  1. Faithfully serve the needs of customers.
  2. Upholding the trust of shareholders and customers.
  3. Work hard and diligently to provide fair value for customers, staff and shareholders.
  4. Always passionate and take all opportunities to grow the business.